These are details on how we currently operate.

Company cadence

  • Daily standup

We sync daily on Zoom, at 10AM Israel time. Each team member writes his updates before the sync, and these are shared on slack under #daily-su. If for some reason you can’t attend, make sure to share a written update as well. We are currently evaluating Spinach.

  • All hands

In all hands sessions we talk about anything we feel is strategic and is worth discussing live. This is also where the founders share their focus and slides from board meetings. The format usually include our new learnings, and what we should try to learn next. These meetings are scheduled ad-hock when needed or around board meetings.

  • Retros

We do retrospective sessions at the end of sprints, and at the end of significant projects. The goal is to learn and improve. We start by reviewing the facts (what happened?), discuss the reasons (why it happened?), and decide on conclusions and action items - what we should start doing, stop doing and continue doing.

  • Sprints

    We currently work in 2 weeks sprints. Read about the product roadmap and product sprints planning here.

Tools we use company wide

  • Google suite - Authentication, Gmail, calendar, sheets, slides, etc.
  • Linear - Task management (and SyncLinear).
  • GitHub - Code, docs, handbook (Made a Git mistake? no worries).
  • Mintlify - Generates the docs and handbook from our repos.
  • Notion - Writing and drafting.
  • Slack - Community and internal communication.
  • Spinach - Daily standup.

Where we work

You can work wherever works for you. We have an office in Tel Aviv, with the best coffee machine we were able to fit in the kitchen. It’s best if on WFH days you notify the team on Slack the night before, or when you wake up, to prevent a situation where someone is alone in the office and didn’t expect to be.